Bernie Wilson Scholarship Fund

Bernie Wilson Scholarship Fund

Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Wilson established this scholarship in 2001 in memory of their daughter, Bernadette. Bernie was the oldest of six children, the best friend of her mother, the homecoming queen of her college and teacher of the hearing impaired. She was named teacher of the year in Chesterfield County, Va., in 1986. She returned to her beloved Hickory, N.C., to continue to teach. She died suddenly while at home on spring break in April 1988.

Her parents hope that those who benefit from this scholarship will duplicate Bernie's dedication to community service.


  • (In order of preference) Rising senior dental student
  • Native American heritage
  • Other ethnic/racial heritage
  • Learning or physically impaired
  • Average student who has demonstrated improvement while in dental school
  • Student who has demonstrated a high level of ethics and is a mutually supportive colleague

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