D.D.S. Class of 1983 "Winnebago" Scholarship

D.D.S. Class of 1983 "Winnebago" Scholarship

The Class of 1983 fondly remembers rolling around their “Winnebago” from clinic to clinic with their “green box” inside and operatory chair on top of the monstrous cabinet. Some were decorated with stickers and handed down from the classes before, others were sleek and contemporary. Many in the class were handy with woodwork and built their own. Regardless of the “Winnebago” itself, the memory of owning one and rolling it from Lyons Building to VCU Dental Building 1 is hard to forget. In today’s world, it would be laughable, but for the Class of 1983 it was necessary. They thought there was no more iconic image of their class than this—and named their scholarship for it. 

Photo credit: Dr. Lawrence Kyle (D.D.S. '83).


  • Dental student in good academic standing
  • Exhibited financial need
  • Recognized for promoting class camaraderie

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