Faryl K. Hart D.D.S. Scholarship Fund

Faryl K. Hart D.D.S. Scholarship Fund

Dr. Faryl Hart (D.D.S. Class of 1985) created this scholarship in 2017 as a way to recognize and reward students who participated in sports. Since she was unable to benefit from Title IX rulings in 1972, she is thrilled at the level that women have excelled in college sports. VCU Women’s Basketball Rams have benefitted from her love of sports photography and basketball as their “unofficial” photographer. While attending the University of South Florida in Tampa, she worked as a dental assistant for Dr. Gerald Kluft (D.D.S. Class of 1973). He urged her to attend Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry.

LVI Global – a post graduate dental learning institution has kept her passion alive for dentistry since 1985. Dr. Faryl Hart will not be retiring anytime real soon!

Providing this scholarship to a worthy dental student at VCU is one more way Dr. Faryl Hart gives back to the community.


  • D.D.S. candidate who has a strong interest in the advancement of women in the profession/field of dentistry.
  • First Preference: Student who played basketball prior to attending dental school.
  • Second Preference: If no student falls into the first preference, student who participated in any sport prior to dental school.