Harry and Sylvia Helen Belkov Memorial Scholarship

Harry and Sylvia Helen Belkov Memorial Scholarship

Harry Belkov, one of five brothers and two sisters, came to the United States from Kiev, Ukraine, as a twelve-year old boy. Sylvia immigrated here as a young girl from Lithuania, both of them ended up in Norfolk, Va. and they met and married. They started a little grocery business there, which eventually grew into two little stores on opposite corners, but with different names. He obviously had a visceral understanding of American capitalism!

While they were unable to afford an education, like most Americans in the early part of the twentieth century, they appreciated its value, and instilled the need for it in their son Calvin.

Dr. Belkov, understanding that scholarships are the number one priority in the School of Dentistry for the sake of the future of the profession itself, has agreed that it would be in the best interests of all to repurpose the fund to a scholarship.

He is very pleased to do so: given his parents respect for, and love of education, he feels this is a much more appropriate tribute to his parents than a general endowment fund.


  • A worthy student
  • A student in need of financial help
  • An American citizen
  • A student in the second, third, or fourth year of the D.D.S. program
  • A student who contributes to the diversity of the School of Dentistry

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