Dr. Jaspreet Kaur Gill IDP Student Scholarship

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Dr. Gill graduated from the VCU International Dentist Program as part of the VCU DDS Class of 2014.

“The journey of becoming a successful general dentist in the United States is long, hard and expensive. But I believe where there is determination and hard work, success follows. I want to bring a scholarship for such hard-working international dental students at VCU as a motivation to keep working harder towards their goal.”


  • D3/D4 IDP student in good standing (after initial IDP training is complete)
  • Exceptional patient care etiquette exhibited in the GPG’s in the form of higher grades in Clinical patient-based proficiencies and clinical commendations from GPG faculty
  • Leaning toward practicing general dentistry upon graduation with community service in mind
  • Preference given to F1 visa students

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