William G. Hawkins, D.D.S. Fund

William G. Hawkins, D.D.S. Fund

Bill grew up in Keysville, Virginia in a family of all boys—3 brothers and 2 cousins. He attended school there, and was active in sports, playing tennis and high school varsity football, baseball and basketball. He graduated from William and Mary with a B.A. in History. After graduating, he enlisted in the Marine Corps, went through Basic Training and Officer Candidate School and was sent to Korea as a platoon leader. Bill was awarded the Purple Heart and Silver Star for conspicuous gallantry and bravery in action. Upon his discharge from the Marines, he decided to go to Dental School. He enrolled in Longwood College to take the science classes he would need to be accepted in Dental School. As a History major at William and Mary, he was not required to take many science classes, Trying to fit in all the prerequisites required for admission to MCV in as short a span as possible, he ended up taking Organic chemistry before General Chemistry. He was successful and gained admission in the Dental College at MCV and graduated in the class of 1959.

Bill opened his dental office in Chincoteague, Virginia, the first step in following his lifelong love for the sea and boating. One particularly embarrassing moment for him was being rescued by the Coast Guard after going aground and spending the night in full view of the whole town. There were many laughs over the Coast Guard’s rescue of the “new Doc”! Bill felt he greatly expanded his dental education in Chincoteague as he was the only dentist with no specialists! After taking a winter vacation to the Bahamas, he decided to move his practice to the Bahamas where he could enjoy boating and summer weather all year. He wrote to Nassau and was quickly granted a license to practice on Freeport, Grand Bahama and we were off to the Bahamas. After 6+ years and many changes in the Bahamas, he decided that it was time to come home to the US again. He took the Florida Boards and we began looking at the east coast of Florida. We ended up in Stuart for the final stop in his dental career. He loved his many patients and it was mutual. Many followed him from Virginia and Bahamas to Florida, even consulting him after he retired.

Bill remained an active boater going from power boats (or stink pots as he called them) to sailboats. We spent many vacations cruising the Bahamas, especially the Abacos. He filled his leisure time in Stuart with tennis and golf. He suffered a serious bout with Melanoma, which started on the top of his head. His advice to all-“wear hats instead of visors when out in the sun!” After beating the Melanoma, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and as that progressed he had to retire from his dental practice, followed by boating and tennis. He continued playing golf with his 2 sons and a grandson. In spite of his medical problems, he kept his sense of humor and quick wit—he could always surprise you with a one line zinger!

Bill celebrated his 86th birthday in January 2016 with all of his family and many friends with him. He led a full and happy life due to his profession, its flexibility, and his family, his wife of 62 years, 3 children, 5 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

The Memorial Fund was established in his honor by his brother/cousin W.E. Singleton to aid future young men and women in following their dreams as he did.


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