Linden O. Alexander Fund

Linden O. Alexander Fund

Linden O. Alexander was born in Portsmouth, Va., in 1904; he died there in 1992. His MCV School of Dentistry classmates jokingly called him "Fats" and noted that even though Alexander was the youngest member of the class of 1924, his hair was already tinged with gray. They also said he was "by far the most studious" of their group.

After graduating, Alexander served on the dental advisory board of the Selective Service during World War II. Later, he practiced with the dental staffs of Portsmouth General Hospital and Maryview Hospital, both in Portsmouth.

During his 54-year career, Alexander contributed greatly to the dental profession. In addition to establishing the Portsmouth City Dental Clinic, which serves uninsured low-income clients, he was the first president of the Portsmouth Dental Society and president of the Tidewater Dental Association.

Alexander created this fellowship to support deserving graduate students at the School of Dentistry.


  • Graduating dental student